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Join us on our blog for a guest post from the editor of the journal English Literature in Transition 1880-1920: what prompts the undertaking of multi-volume, multi-year variorum editions on such writers as Wilde, Conrad, Woolf, James, and Wyndam Lewis? How can an editor claim that such an edition is..

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The editor of ‘New England Review’ ponders the local roots versus the global nature of this literary magazine.

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Last week we hosted our publishers at a meeting on our home turf in Baltimore, and we had a blast! Check out the presentation slides, as well as some pictures from our pre-meeting reception.

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Have you been reading our series on National Poetry Month on the MUSE Commons??


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Great timing! The 2016 issue of Cuban Studies just launched on MUSE with articles, in both English and Spanish, covering the Cuban economy, health-care system, and José Martí. http://bit.ly/1Uydt0a

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for those interested in how the mental health professions approached treatment of children, a brief history of how treatment centers evolved.

Residential Treatment and the Invention of the Emotionally Disturbed Child in Twentieth-Century America

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"Project Muse's ebook platform has changed the way I regard library ebooks. Before, I would cringe a bit when the catalog showed a book only available in electronic form. The older ebook platforms put so many impediments in the way of reading, searching, copying, pasting, and printing, that I avoiding using them. But with Project Muse I've finally found not only a friendly, easy-to-use ebook platform, but also one that includes an impressively large collection of the highest-quality scholarship." ---MM, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2016 Book Collections now available for purchase!

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